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Interactive sans hashtag

This is great. Leave a little room for the consumer to fill in the blanks and you have a little something called engagement.

No tweets, likes or shares necessary.


A VW classic

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Yay! It is just a 24 hour sprint. #lm2014 #LM24 #motorsport #lemans24 #LeMans24Hrs #lemans #24hoursoflemans #24heuresdumans #wec

24 Hours of Le Mans ftw!  Go Audi Sport!  

Gorgeous logo too, by the way.  Very reminiscent of the F1 logo, but I particularly like how it suggests a race track (the 2’s curves and turns), as well as the stark contrast of racing during the day and through the night (dark 2, light “4” via negative space).  

Yeah, I’m a logo design nerd…